05 décembre 2009


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"Rink hockey is exciting to play and fast paced which makes for an entertaining spectacle. Players are very skilful on the ball as well as being incredibly fit and healthy to cope with the intense demands of the game.
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Here in ISRAEL there are around 10 club that belong to the israeli Roller Hockey Association, competing in national and regional league and cup competitions.

The sport is also played at international level too with Israel competing regularly at international tournaments with the best players selected from the competing clubs to represent their country.

Rink hockey in Israel is enjoyed by boys, girls, men and women of all ages and abilities and everybody are constantly working to introduce the sport to a new and wider audience in the hope of attracting more players, particularly young people, to rink hockey"

Thank you my friends ;-)
Pedro Antunes

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Anonyme a dit…

I wish to see Israel in the next Rink Hockey World Cup!!!!!!Go ahead!!